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MassAlert - public warning and informing system

An imminent threat or an emergency, it is important quickly and accurately to warn and inform the public about arising threat and to provide recommendations on how to deal in each case.

The Fire and Rescue Department by implementing European Union project “Warning and informing population by using network infrastructure of public mobile telephone communication service providers” introduced warning and informing system that ensures warning and informing population about imminent or arising emergency by using short Cell broadcast messaging directly to mobile handsets of citizens.

The system was designed to provide warning and informing services for residents of Lithuania and foreign citizens in the territory of Lithuania in case of an imminent threat or in an emergency. This new service is free of charge and is delivered to all mobile handsets of residents within a specified area, who have the cell broadcasting messaging function activated on their mobile phones, irrespective of the number of residents in that territory and avoiding congestion on public mobile communication networks.

JSC „NT Service” together with The Fire and Rescue Department have made great efforts to create a modern and effective public warning and informing system that ensures warning of residents regardless of whether they live in the city or in the countryside, are traveling or at home, at work or in recreation area.

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