Here is hardly any other technology currently developing as fast as drone technology. However, the increase in drone efficiency also means more opportunities to misuse them for criminal purposes. When your airspace is exposed, no longer are fences, video cameras, and security guards adequate to protect sensitive buildings or personal. Drones can be used for terrorist activities, smuggling drugs, phones or guns, gathering sensitive information.

NT SERVICE provides complete counter UAV solutions that allow early drone detection and mitigation.

  • Radio detectors
  • Radars
  • Visual detection and tracking systems
  •  Mobile drone mitigation system – EDM4S
  • Fixed drone mitigation systems


NT Service is a vendor of highly effective electronic drone mitigation systems that are successfully used for VIP protection, in border control, prison and military applications.

  • Fixed, Mobile, Man-portable solutions
  • Professional installation
  • Integration into existing detection and alarm systems
  • Maintenance and extended support
  • Custom design for covert operations


SkyWiper (EDM4S – Electronic Drone Mitigation System) is designed to counter Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). This is achieved by intercepting control, video and navigation signals. Solution is fully mobile. All modules are integrated and ready to be used by activating rifle trigger.

High range due innovative high-power radio modules: 3-5 KM
4 and 6 bands modules
2.4 / 5.8 / GNSS / 433 / 900 (custom frequencies available)
5.5 Kg
NATO stock number (NSN)
Safe to use certificate according to ICNIRP guidelines
Successful vibration and temperature resistance tests according to MIL STD 810G
Battle proven
Designed and produced in Lithuania


Fixed installation systems allow to build high range protection dome around large areas. System can be integrated together wit

  • Professional pole / mast, roof installation
  • Custom frequency ranges – commercial, home-made, industrial drones
  • Independent high-power radio modules
  • High gain omni and sector antenna configuration depending on required system coverage
  • Remote management via WEB interface
  • Integration into detection and alert systems
  • Manual / automated activation
  • Coverage 1 – 10 km depending configuration and regulation requirements
  • All system modules are designed for full outdoor installation


NT Service is partner of world leading companies that provide UAV detection systems. Our experience and continues testing allow to select most innovative and proven solution. Full integration and unified architecture allow to provide reliable system for seamless operations.

RADIO DETECTORS – passive detection systems with automated spectrum monitoring and identification features. RF detectors listens for patterns of known radio signals emitted by drone video, control and telemetry transmission. Radio detectors are passive devices that do not emit radio signals – ideal solution when it’s important to maintain radio silence in hostile areas. RF detectors allow not only to detect but also identify radio protocols used by drones, and minimize false-positive alarms. Using multisector systems allow to find direction of drone and its controller. Multi-site system is able to perform triangulation and detect position of drone and its controller.

HANDHELD RADIO DETECORS – a wearable personal drone alarm system, capable of detecting and identifying drones. Wearable devices are ideal for low enforcements or SOF units, that need early warning and protection from hostile drones during mobile operations.

RADARS – active detection systems that allow precise detection and tracking of flying objects. Advanced technologies allow to identify size of flying object and depending on behavior distinguish drone from birds and planes. Another advantage – radars can detect uncontrolled drones with pre-programmed flight, that do not send video, telemetry and other radio signals during mission.

VIDEO DETECTION – additional layer of security that compliments radars systems with video confirmation and tracking. Location data from radars are used for PTZ positioning. Advanced AI processing allows to classify and identify moving object and record video of flight path for later analysis or for manual activation of mitigation systems.

AUDIO SENSORS – multimicrophone array systems that can detect and track the acoustic noise source. Systems are able to establish azimuth and elevation to the target in real-time using advanced digital signal processing and identify sounds that are unique for drones.


Based on experience and customer needs, NT Service is developing a multiplatform fixed and mobile systems, capable to integrate detection solutions provided by partners.

Mobile server unit – rugged peli-case, integrated server, communication equipment – 4G, WiFi, spectrum analyzer, waterproof connectors, dual voltage power supply, custom control and security features, integration of interfaces required for detection systems.

Mobile battery unit – rugged peli-case, integrated high capacity battery and charger, waterproof connectors. Full outdoor any weather operation.

Inverter unit – rugged peli-case with integrated 1KW RMS inverter for feeding additional equipment required for field operations. Waterproof connectors to Mobile battery unit or external power sources.