Professional Services

Preparation of Project Documents

Our team of certified civil engineering experts perform the acquisition and document preparation tasks for civil construction of telecommunication sites and infrastructure.

Construction Works and Installation of Telecommunication Equipment

Construction of greenfield or building collocated telecommunication site infrastructure, building antenna masts, equipping power supply and environment condition infrastructure – these tasks are routine tasks of our field engineering teams.

Installation Works at Height

Installation of cellular and microwave link antennas and mast/tower infrastructure.

Warehouse Service

Stocking of ZIP kits of telecommunication infrastructure for fast replacement in case of network failures.

24h x 7 Maintenance Service

Mobile service teams do country wide network maintenance and 24h troubleshooting.

Installation of Data Center Infrastructure

Installation of power, conditioning and telemetry infrastructure for Cloud/Telecom/Enterprise DC, In-building enterprise cellular system (active DAS) planning & installation.