In the field of professional sound systems NT Service cooperates with PASS Medientechnik. PASS-Medientechnik GmbH develops and manufactures in their own facilities, high performance mobile sound systems and accessories which are marketed under the brand name “VocCom Audio”.  The VocCom Audio product range encompasses extensive acoustic solutions for military applications both as resources and as non-lethal weapons in particular for operational communication and PsyOp.

Product recommendations:

LSA-X-MK1 Backpack, ultra-light, compact, battery powered high performance loudspeaker system

LSA-X has exceptional speech intelligibility and extreme far range capability. Weighing only 6.4 kg makes the LSA-X one of the most performant battery powered systems in its class, worldwide.

± 3 dB 300 Hz to 8 kHz
138 dB SPL

AHD M-115-X  Vehicle mountable directional loudspeaker


These high performance emitters are designed for mobile applications under the harshest weather conditions in military use.

± 3 dB 250 Hz to 8 kHz

142 dB SPL